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We hold a comprehensive range of leisure trailers in stock ready to tow away.  The Franc/Trelgo Trailer is a premium quality trailer manufactured in Europe, suitable for a range of camping leisure and DIY uses.  Numerous options are available including:

  • Hard tops;

  • Flat and high covers;

  • Ladder racks;

  • Bike racks;

  • Wooden side panels;

  • Solid high side kits;

  • Mesh side kits;

  • Side rails;

  • All our standard accessories including  spare wheel, jockey wheel, coupling  lock, etc.

Prices start at just £645 including VAT.  Drivers will not need to have taken a Trailer Test to tow the majority of these trailers.

Full range of trailers on display at our Bridgwater premises, ready to tow away today!

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